Sanctuary Series

Silver & Gold—Preorder

Silver & Gold available on Amazon Kindle—October 2020 Both museums had top-notch security… …and yet the art was stolen. Who could pull off this sort of job? The details in the file folder were thin. One museum in DC and another in Texas had been hit. Alex and Mira, because of their unique abilities, landed… Continue reading Silver & Gold—Preorder

cover reveal, Sanctuary Series

Cover Reveal—Silver and Gold

Coming October 2020 If you like supernatural/paranormal with urban fantasy and TACT response teams, then ready your TBR pile for the first of at least 4 novellas that center around Alex, a kitsune, whose sole purpose is to be at the Council's beck and call. Come September, I'll offer Silver and Gold up for ARC… Continue reading Cover Reveal—Silver and Gold