Sanctuary Series

Silver & Gold—Book 1

Both museums had top-notch security…

…and yet the art was stolen.

Who could pull off this sort of job?

The details in the file folder were thin. One museum in DC and another in Texas had been hit. Alex and Mira, because of their unique abilities, landed the case. Could a fox demon and a wereocelot crack the mystery that has everyone stumped?

Alex has a hunch.

Is she on to something or leading them down a dangerous path?

She’s young for a fox demon and still working to master her abilities in both the shadow and the spirit world. The council thinks she’s good. They trust her. Alex earned her position as team leader for The Guardians.

Mira is a fantastic partner…

…but a little too concerned with fashion for Alex’s taste.

But she’s got fine instincts and wants to know one thing—why did they take those pieces when more valuable ones were right there?

Will Mira’s sweet talk get them the answers they need?

You’ll be enthralled with this Urban Fantasy Adventure, because the mystery of who stole the art has a twist nobody sees coming.

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Howling King—Book 2

A team only succeeds…

…with perfect coordination and trust.

What was it about Ronin that had Alex worried?

The mission was simple. Infiltrate a new wolf pack in Bozeman and see if The Guardians need be concerned. Their new team member, Ronin, seemed slightly off. What was it about him she didn’t think rang true?

Why did he always wear sunglasses?

Is he qualified or maybe a spy?

The simple mission took a turn as little problems start to add up.

Alex trusted Mira, but she was a terrible flirt. Her job was to get in good with the pack, but Alex worried that her friend might be getting too close to Elsa, the pack Alpha.

Not everything was as it seemed.

Does the pack have sinister plans?

You’ll love the second book in this Urban Fantasy Adventure, because the characters seem to jump off the page and survival won’t be easy.

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Mark of Cain—Book 3

The mission was off world…

…to assassinate a serious threat.

Will Alex have to go into “demon” mode?

On the planet Altaria, they must first get close to the Lord, who’s little more than a spoiled child in an adult’s body. Nobody tells him, “no.” Alex doesn’t have her team. It’s her and Morgan, her mentor, which adds an element of distraction. Can she avoid falling back into a student mentality?

Success requires her focus.

But more is going on than meets the eye.

As her feelings for her old master grow, much to Alex’s dismay, she sees a side of him she didn’t know existed. Everyone has their secrets and Morgan’s dark side isn’t what she expected. How does he feel about her?

Will the Lord’s partying and reckless attitude jeopardize their assignment?

And is one of the estate workers more than he seems?

You’ll love this Urban Fantasy Adventure, because the real threat is a demon that is closer than they think. Lilith Sinclair ups the stakes in this third installment and it will keep you turning the pages.

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Orb Collector—Book 4

Sent to the land of Gargoyles…

…to find a killer run rampant.

Who or what has gone crazy?

When the team needs her the most, Mira’s been benched for skipping mandatory training in favor of her passion—shopping. Without her, can Alex and Ronin work together to tackle the mission in a place that shouldn’t exist?

Gargoylian City is dangerous and…

…deep in the void.

Will Alex and Ronin come to terms to catch the murderer?

They’re not prepared for what they find. Werebats and gargoyles slaughtered by a stranger in giant robes and carrying two umbrellas. Alex senses he’s formidable.

What’s their next move?

They’ll need to outsmart a foe they know little about.

You’ll love this the fourth book in this Urban Fantasy Adventure because this villain is more twisted than you can imagine. And maybe more than they can handle.

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