A Bond of Words, Author Interview

Behind the Scenes of ABOW with Phil Hore

A Bond of Words recently dropped. Pick up a copy of “A Bond of Words” in paperback or eBook at any book retailer worldwide, including Amazon. If you purchase the paperback directly from Scout Media, you will get another ‘Of Words’ anthology of your choosing in eBook for FREE as well as a FREE companion soundtrack download!! 

In honor of being included in this anthology, many of the writers willingly stepped forth to let us peek inside their head with a short Q&A. Enjoy.

Phil Hore — ” Civic Classic Video, Open 24 Hours “

  1. Did you have a special bond with somebody that shaped who you are today?
    It’s easy to say loved ones in this – and there have been many who have encouraged me along the way – but I have to say its fellow writers. They are the ones who know the real struggle of getting words on paper and into the hands of readers – and there have been many who have been more than gracious to let me bend an ear along the way. Would also say there have been a few friends who, through their own actions, choices and bravery, have highlighted what it is to choose a life path and not become a drone submitting to who society thinks you should live and act.
  2. What are you working on now?
    I have a murder mystery set in the trenches of WW1 about to come out, along with the sequel to my first novel set in the same universe as my short story in this book.
  3. What book are you currently reading?
    I am in research mode at the moment – so am reading Shelley’s Frankenstein and H G Wells A Short History of the World
  4. What is the hardest part of writing for you? What is the easiest?
    The hardest is editing – especially my first draft which is full of hieroglyphic style words. The easiest is getting the first draft completed. I find once you get into the rhythm the story takes off and I am rushing to keep up with it. My fingers only move so fast – thus the hieroglyphics.
  5. If you could meet one author, living or dead, who you choose?
    Glen Cook. I love his series The Black Company and Garret PI – and almost got to meet him two years ago but he cancelled at the last minute ☹
  6. If you were on death row, what would you request for a last meal?
    Roast pork with crackle and pavlova
  7. What is your ideal writing snack?
    Animal crackers are a hoot. Anything salty with too much zero coke
  8. What self-editing tools do you use before you send your work to a professional editor?
    The best thing I have found is the reading text app on word – if it does not sound correct there, then it’s not correct
  9. What personal bond inspired your story?
    I miss video stores – going with your friends and family and sorting through the rows and rows of videos looking for something new or a treasured favourite that everyone would go home and watch. I also love a good fetish shop, be it comic books or record stores – watching societies outsiders find a home through their shared passions – this led to me thinking where do monsters get their vidoes?
  10. What is it that you want a reader to take away from it, be it one emotion or a thought or a memory?
    Everyone deserves a place where they are safe
  11. Did your story play out as you planned it?
    Now there is a question. I have to answer no. my experience is the heart of the story is what drove you to first write it – the process of writing however leads you on its own path.
  12. What story was your favorite in the book?
    There were some gripping stories, some emotional stories that were brilliant – and hard hitting, but the one I simply enjoyed the most was ‘Clean with Hatred’ by Zachary J. Ivens

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