A Bond of Words, Author Interview

Behind the Scenes of ABOW with R.M. Demeester

A Bond of Words recently dropped. Pick up a copy of “A Bond of Words” in paperback or eBook at any book retailer worldwide, including Amazon. If you purchase the paperback directly from Scout Media, you will get another ‘Of Words’ anthology of your choosing in eBook for FREE as well as a FREE companion soundtrack download!! 

In honor of being included in this anthology, many of the writers willingly stepped forth to let us peek inside their head with a short Q&A. Enjoy.

R.M. Demeester — ” Dance & Meet, “

  1. What are you working on now?
    I’m working on a novel that is somewhere between a sweet contemporary and suspense. I haven’t fine-tuned all the details yet, but so far it’s learning that direction. I’m also working on a several short stories to submit to upcoming anthologies.
  2. What is the hardest part of writing for you? What is the easiest?
    I think the hardest part of writing is the blurb. One of my releases I spent I estimate as long on perfecting those 100ish words then I did writing the whole first draft. The easiest is probably the first self-revision. I always do a read-through making little notes as I read to revise.
  3. What self-editing tools do you use before you send your work to a professional editor?
    I use Microsoft Word spell check, Prowritingaid and Grammarly for basic editing needs, mostly spelling and punctuation. I also use text to speech and read out loud and the catches a lot of mistakes I’d otherwise miss. In the end I still hire at least one editor and one proofreader.
  4. What personal bond inspired your story?
    My bond was inspired by another short story I had written awhile ago and just didn’t have a home for it. It just sat on my computer. So I took inspiration from that and a documentary I was watching, which influenced who would be my main character.
  5. What story was your favorite in the book?
    Dear Paige by Rayona Lovely Wilson. I don’t cry easily by stories but hers did just that. A very unique take on a short story, very powerful and very well written. I’ve read other stories by her, and I highly recommend others do as well.

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