A Bond of Words, Author Interview

Behind the Scenes of ABOW with Austin P. Sheehan

A Bond of Words recently dropped. Pick up a copy of “A Bond of Words” in paperback or eBook at any book retailer worldwide, including Amazon. If you purchase the paperback directly from Scout Media, you will get another ‘Of Words’ anthology of your choosing in eBook for FREE as well as a FREE companion soundtrack download!! 

In honor of being included in this anthology, many of the writers willingly stepped forth to let us peek inside their head with a short Q&A. Enjoy.

Austin P. Sheehan — ” Eternally Mine “

  1. What are you working on now?
    I am working on a sci-fi novella partially inspired by my father’s experiences in WWII as well as a bunch of short stories inspired by the Zodiac myths for a series of anthologies focusing on the star signs. It’s really fun twisting those tales into sci-fi, horror and epic fantasy tales.
  2. What is the hardest part of writing for you? What is the easiest?
    The hardest part of writing for me is meeting deadlines. Finding time to dedicate to my writing and still find time for my full-time job and my family is a challenge but having the additional pressure of a deadline makes it even more so. The easiest part for me would be the editing. It’s time-consuming, sure, but it’s easy for me to get in there and turn the gibberish that I initially wrote into something approaching what I wanted to say. And it’s also really rewarding to see the story improve from something absolutely shoddy to something half decent.
  3. If you could meet one author, living or dead, who you choose?
    I’m really struggling to choose between Philip K. Dick and Ursula Le Guin. Le Guin has given us a profound yet beautifully written epic fantasy series, and science fiction that can be described as revolutionary. Dick didn’t shy away from politics or philosophy either, and – through telling stories about ordinary people that you could really relate to – questioned our understanding of reality and of humanity.
  4. What self-editing tools do you use before you send your work to a professional editor?
    I have a variety of beta readers that always provide really helpful insights. No ‘tool’ or ‘app’ can replace an experienced human, in my opinion.
  5. What story was your favorite in the book?
    My favourite story would have to be ‘Until Death’ by Carolyn Young. There are a whole bunch of stories I loved that made me laugh, that had me hooked right the way through, but ‘Until Death’ gave me the chills.

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