A Bond of Words, Author Interview

Behind the Scenes of ABOW with KM Reynolds

A Bond of Words recently dropped. Pick up a copy of “A Bond of Words” in paperback or eBook at any book retailer worldwide, including Amazon. If you purchase the paperback directly from Scout Media, you will get another ‘Of Words’ anthology of your choosing in eBook for FREE as well as a FREE companion soundtrack download!! 

In honor of being included in this anthology, many of the writers willingly stepped forth to let us peek inside their head with a short Q&A. Enjoy.

KM Reynolds — ” The Heart of the Matter “

  1. What personal bond inspired your story?
    My story was inspired by my Uncle Rick, who underwent a double lung transplant in 2009. It saved his life and allowed him to live 10 more years with us, and I cherish that time. He eventually got in contact with the family of the organ donor, and that bond was an incredible thing to witness. He passed away this year from cancer, after a long, difficult battle.
    This story was written as a way for me to face some of my feelings about his health decline, and eventual passing.
  2. Did your story play out as you planned it?
    For the most part, yes. I originally envisioned it as a novella-length piece, but the short story format seemed to fit, and now here we are.
  3. What is the hardest part of writing for you? What is the easiest?
    Honestly, finding the motivation to sit down and focus. That has always been difficult for me, regardless of the task, but I’m working on it. The easiest part is coming up with story ideas and characters. I have no shortage of those, it’s just finding the time to get them all written out that’s the problem!
  4. What is your ideal writing snack?
    A nice hot cup of coffee. I know it’s not exactly a ‘snack’, but if I’m writing, I will always have coffee within reach. I try to avoid eating while I write, though I have been known to grab a handful of sour patch kids on occasion while I’m outlining.
  5. What are you working on now?
    Right now I’m in the final stages of editing my second poetry collection, Elemental, which comes out January 1, 2020. I’m also in the middle of the first draft of book 3 in my fantasy series, The Echarian Chronicles.

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